Whenever you merged the cost savings of a web-based revenue setting and mix that variable with high quantity, impeccable superior frames and lenses -- you have got the recipe for economical eye don for any price range.

Read the adhering to Q & A about the 39dollarglasses webpage:

Q: Do they use cheap materials?

A: No, in fact they use top top quality Polycarbonate lenses (thin and ultra light) in all of your prescriptions. Polycarbonate is the main ingredient for bullet proof glass and is recommended most by Optometrists for vision improvement. Your welcome to browse around at their selection of other materials, but we recommend Polycarbonate for affordability, durability and high quality. The lenses are thinner, more transparent and we throw in scratch proofing along with polished edges at no extra charge.

Q: Do they offer any prescription sunglasses at 39dollarglasses?

A: Yes, not only do they offer a wealth of tint color choices, but you can choose anyone of the frames and have them made to your prescription needs, including bifocals.

Q: Cheap glasses tend to have tons of glare and are very reflective. How do theirs compare?

A: Their lenses have an option for a premium anti reflective coating on them that make them perfect for driving at night -- and computer/television viewing. The light transmitting abilities of the lenses are perfect for all users. Again, at 39dollarglasses, the price is cheap, but the lens superior is not.

Q: Are these manufactured overseas? Who puts them together?

A: The glasses and sun glasses are all manufactured in Ronkonkoma, NY. Your prescription will only be handled by certified technicians. They couldn't possibly offer service like free exchanges and money-back, superior guarantees if they had non-certified staff putting together your important eye dress in. Rest assured no superior measures, or product compromises are made to provide you with the most affordable prescription eye put on on the net.

After your prescription is made, each pair of glasses will be checked by a second technician, as a further superior control measure -- before being boxed and shipped to your door. They offer expedited shipping at reasonably priced rates (see web page for details), along with their unconditional 6 month money back guarantee. See, as we've told you: The product excellent doesn't suffer, to make economical eye don. Low over head costs and volume are the keys to their success and your financial savings.
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