Açaí is a distinct purple berry indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. The açaí fruit may be found in some of the large palm trees that grow in the thick forest; these trees can reach as high as 82 feet! Unlike cherries, which grow individually in trees, the açaí berry grows in bunches, more like bananas. One average, each palm tree can yield anywhere from three to eight bunches.

Studies have shown Açaí has nutrient properties and is naturally rich in:

   * Omega fats (the good kind, unlike the saturated fats found in fast food)
   * amino acids
   * electrolytes
   * antioxidants (higher than pomegranates and blueberries)
   * protein
   * vitamins A, B1 and E 

Açaí products are available in juice and powdered form mainly in the United States.

Popular Açaí BrandsEdit

  • AcaiGogo - Single-serving packets of Açaí powder for mixing in drinks
  • RainFloresta - Offers pure acai powder in bulk and capsule form.
  • Sambazon - Acai juices and frozen pulp for smoothies
  • Bossa Nova - Acai juice
  • Zola Acai - Acai Juice

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