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The Copper Tree Mall is a strip mall in Oakland, New Jersey. It is near the center of downtown. This is not Oakland's first shopping mall, but the biggest. Some stores include Valley National Bank, GNC, Staples, Mandees, and HollyWood Tans. There isn't much shopping in Oakland for a town of its size located right off a major interstate highway. The malls of Paramus and Wayne are a short drive away. The downtown core is centered around Ramapo Valley Road in between Oak Street and Franklin Avenue. The Copper Tree Mall (a strip mall with a small indoor section) is the dominant retail presence. Many stores have closed due to the fact the rent was raised. A whole strip by Staples has been closed because of it. Currently, next to Staples, a store named Zeytinia is being built. With 3 shopping malls in Oakland, and another one to come, Oakland's Copper Tree Mall is the biggest one in Oakland. Many teenagers visit the mall because the middle school is so close to it.

Oakland Downtown Redevelopment Plan Edit

Oakland's Council has been considering a downtown renovation. The Copper Tree Mall is in the center of the downtown so it too will get some revival.

Accessibility: MVC visit, Oct. 25, 2017: My mother-in-law's wheelchair does not fit through the single-side of the entrance double-doors. Thank goodness for others coming in who opened the double-doors for us! The doors into and out of the MVC do not have push-button openers. The miniature "Emergency Only" push-button openers at the entrance to the Copper Tree Mall do not work. We tried. How can this be? Would love to know the management's timetable to fix this. As for parking - there is not nearly enough for the disabled.

History of Mall Edit

The Copper Tree Mall was built on the grounds of the Oakland Military Academy. It closed down and the mall was built. The first and only store at the time was Grand Union. Also, a Copper Tree, which the mall was named after, was have said to be so old that George Washington passed by there when he came to Oakland in 1777 when he stayed at the Van Allen House on the corner of Ramapo Valley Road, Route 202, and Franklin Avenue. The tree was destroyed by Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

NJ Transit Edit

NJ Transit does have a stop at the Copper Tree Mall.


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