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Opened in 1981, East Town Mall shopping Center, the only enclosed mall in the Green Bay madison wisconsin found on the east side also the west towne mall found on the west side. awesome to shop in any store you can think of![1], is located on the east side of Green Bay, Wisconsin along Mason Street (the main artery through the City of Green Bay) approximately one mile west of Interstate 43. East Town Mall is well known with the public and actively works with the community in the promotion of organizations and events.[2]


The shopping Center anchors (and shadow-anchors) include Kohl's, Hobby Lobby and Office Max. A movie theatre is also located in the mall along with several other national and local tenants. Several other chain-stores have locations on the shopping center property.


During its 25+ years of operation, East Town Mall shopping center has become the retail hub for the east side of Green Bay due to its location, ability to accommodate tenant change and its community involvement.

Located along the main thoroughfare of Green Bay, East Town Mall is the only enclosed mall in the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin and is the largest shopping center serving the east side. The shopping Center is a vital retail operation for Green Bay. The rapid growth occurring on the east side of the City combined with the close proximity to Interstate 43 and Green Bay's Business Park (located at the intersection of Mason Street and Interstate 43) contribute to East Town Mall's strong presence in the community.

Originally constructed with Prange Way and Kohl's Department Stores as anchor tenants, the interior portion of the mall quickly filled with tenants such as Hallmark, Braun's (now known as Christopher and Banks). Provision of free wi-Fi has become almost a standard offering for many business in the Green Bay area, including the Mall.[3][4]

In the mid-1990's the shopping center quickly rebounded from the unexpected closing of Prange Way by relocating Kohl's Department Store to the former Prange Way location and bringing in Office Max. The shopping center was expanded and reconfigured to accommodate Kohl's Department Store and the addition of Office Max. Major alterations were performed in the new Kohl's wing to provide access from Kohl's to the mall. Hobby Lobby soon took over the former Kohl's Department Store location and the shopping center expanded again to accommodate PETCO.

In 2008, East Town Mall will receive a much needed interior and exterior renovation according to some concept drawings displayed on the windows of the former Beneficial space (between GNC and Scanlan Jewelers) in the center court.

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