Promoting prolonged comfort for those who must sit for long periods of time... Sit Healthy! Let FlowCushion make driving or desk-work comfortable by supporting your body's ability for good circulation with scientifically designed, alternating pressure-point technology.

Let FlowCushion make long-term sitting more comfortable with amazing alternating pressure point technology.

FlowCushion Deluxe works like no other air cushion. Using a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled pump and valve system, air pressure is alternated within a series of small bladders in order to help promote relief on the various pressure points on your leg and coccyx muscles. These bladders inflate and deflate in a steady, quiet rhythm to lift and shift the body as it sits. With the remote, you control how fast and how long you want the cushion to work.

Try FlowCushion. It's guaranteed. Flowcushion works by changing the pressure points between the seat you are in and pressure points in your read end every 10 seconds. We believe that this no only aids comfort but supports and promotes your bodies ability to maintain healthy blood flow to your legs and the tissue of your rear end.

FlowCushion Deluxe comes with an AC adapter and a special cigarette lighter adapter for travel. It's perfect for use at the office, home, or in the car, and makes a great gift for the frequent traveler in your life:

   * Transportation workers - bus and cab drivers
   * Truck Drivers - always on the road
   * Chauffeurs - great for prolonged driving and waiting
   * Busy moms - for shuttling kids to school and meetings
   * Long road trips - stop less frequently for stretch breaks

Your "Rear-End" is important! Your body was designed to be standing, walking and lying down. Although sitting is less tiring it places most of your bodies weight on small pressure points on our bottom. Most of our customers cannot help from sitting. Either from work, wheel chairs, driving or other health issues.

Similar products (but not as good) are selling for $250 and up. Our superior model is just $124.95 and includes:

   * Advanced zone controller
   * AC wall plug-in adapter
   * Car adapter
   * Carrying case
   * 30-day money-back guarantee

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