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The Framingham Mall was located across from the Shoppers World mall and at the intersection of Whitter Street and Cochituate Road (Route 30) in Framingham, Massachusetts. It is believed to have been constructed in the late 1970s. This mall was constructed on long vacant land and filled up one of the last remaining open spaces on this section of Cochituate Road (route 30). This was a small scale mall compared to the much larger Shopper's World and nearby Natick Mall. Lechmere was one of the original anchor stores. Around 2000, it was "de-malled" by the demolition of its indoor shopping arcade, which was replaced with a Target store.

Other stores include HomeGoods, Panera Bread, EB Games, and Payless Shoes (the only holdover tenant from the original mall configuration). The original mall had a Lechmere and a Filene's Basement. One entrance road also accesses the Super Stop & Shop and BJ's Wholesale Club behind the building. The mall's pizzaria has since moved to Marlborough, Massachusetts.

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