When you’re going on a business trip or vacation, your luggage is equally as important as your tickets. These days, airlines have strict requirements on the size of luggage that you can take on the flight. In addition, you want luggage that you are comfortable carrying around. But above all else, every traveller wants functionality in a travel bag. They want ample room, enough compartments and zippers, and a wheel-rolling system that can withstand hundreds of trips. This is what you get when you purchase your travel bag from Luggage Direct.

What you get with Luggage Direct:

High quality manufacturing

Luggage Direct travel bags are manufactured to industrial strength to ensure they can survive being opened and closed countless times, not to mention enduring all sorts of weather. Their high quality zippers do not rust, tear or lose teeth, which would make it very difficult to secure your valuable belongings.

The best luggage material for long lasting results

All Luggage Direct bags are made of genuine, long-lasting materials for durability. Whether you are looking for genuine leather or ballistic nylon bags, Luggage Direct has it all. The leather used in Luggage Direct bags is soft and can last for many years if properly maintained.

Style and class

Whether you are looking for an over-the-shoulder carry on or roll-abroad travel bag, you need to look no further than Luggage Direct. You can rest assured that purchasing a Luggage Direct travel bag, designed to hold your suits and clothes, will not cause any wrinkles or stretching. Depending on the airline you’re travelling with, you can hang your garment bag inside the plane, fold it over, secure it or check it with your other luggage.

Solid frame or soft-sided luggage

Luggage Direct bags come with exceptional stitching, seams and finishing for unrivalled durability. Some of the trusted brands available at Luggage Direct’s online store include Ricardo Beverly Hills, Antler, Go Travel, Delsey, Roman, Pacsafe, International Travel and Titan among others.

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