If you are familiar with the many foods, beverages, and other alternative stimulants on the market, you might be familiar with guarana. Extracted from the Paullinia cupana seed, guarana is a natural stimulant with similar properties of caffeine. In the Amazon, guarana is often used in beverages and nutrition bars as an energy boost, to keep the mind and body alert.

What's so great about guarana?

When used in proper does, guarana can be quite beneficial. Like caffeine, guarana stimulates the body so you are more incline to burn energy, as well as curb your appetite so you don't overeat. Guarana may also help increase blood flow, thereby easing headaches and increasing alertness. Folk legend implies, too, that guarana may be useful as an aprhodesiac.

Popular Guarana BrandsEdit

  • AcaiGogo - Single-serving packets of guarana powder for mixing in drinks
  • RainFloresta - Offers pure guarana powder in bulk and capsule form.
  • Bawls Guarana - Soda with guarana

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