Imagine yourself floating in a warm pool of water with thousands of fingers massaging away every ache and pain, turning your body to jelly. As you lay there, completely weightless, your muscles grow limp and you can feel yourself surrendering to the pure bliss and tranquility of the moment, as your mind finally gives up its struggle to hold on to any negative thoughts. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

The cruelest part is coming back to the reality of chaotic traffic, screaming bosses and tight deadlines, yet in the midst of all this chaos you maintain your calm, because you have a little secret. Your Hot Spring hot tub your very own home spa, is waiting for you at home and you will soon be surrendering yourself to the soothing lap of water as it eases away all discomfort.

Quality and Reliability Edit

HotSpring spas are produced by the market leader in the spa industry, namely Watkins Manufacturing, a company that prides itself on its high ethics and integrity. Watkins Manufacturing has received global acclaim for its innovative solutions and designs in the spa industry while focusing on their ultimate vision, improving the lives of their customers.

The Path to a Better Life Edit

HotSpring hot tubs incorporate cutting edge technology with the natural health benefits of water to create a soothing environment to help you with stress relief. There is no self-help book or system that can help you remove stress from your life as effectively and as quickly as these hot tubs. Using a combination of exclusive and innovative jets, each designed to target a specific set of muscles, HotSpring spas are the ultimate solution for an improved state of mind and body.

Entertainment to the Max Edit

Tired of the same old parties with friends where all you seem to do is gather around a barbecue and rehash the same old stories? HotSpring hot tubs take your parties to a whole new level, as you can relax with your friends while watching the latest DVD releases or listening to great music with the innovative Wireless Entertainment System. You will become the toast of all your friends as they eagerly join you for a truly relaxing afternoon.

Sensory Perception Edit

HotSpring spas target all your senses to help you achieve a complete state of tranquility and bliss, with innovative jet systems that relax your muscles, visual enhancements such as streams of water backlit in various colors to help your mind relax, auditory enjoyment with your favorite music and the fresh smell of the outdoors. All you have to do is add a glass of bubbly to involve your taste buds as well and create the perfect environment to soothe all your senses.

Greener Hot Tubs Edit

Not only do HotSpring spas provide the ultimate relaxation experience but you will also help care for the environment as these hot tubs are designed to be highly energy efficient as well as to use natural water care systems that reduce the need for chemicals.

HotSpring spas improve your social life, your state of well being while teasing your senses as well as looking after the environment. The only thing they can’t do for you is the cooking and cleaning, but don’t be surprised if that’s next on the list of innovative features.