I love attending fair trades. Not only due to the fact I get to socialize and catch up with have pals and colleagues, but I also get to do some sensible and eco-friendly shopping. Started off as an organized social venture, fair trades follow a market based approach for promoting sustainability.

Although it usually began off to help producers in creating countries, it has turn out to be very popular in the U.S too. It assists farmers and local producers to fetch better prices for their goods and that too at par with environmental standards. Here you can get a lot of stuff like handicrafts, organic cotton, food items, flowers and even gold.

Maggies organic cotton crew

At one of these trade fairs I came across organic cotton brands like Maggies organics cotton crew. I bought a pair of their peppy and comfy seeking socks. It had a rainbow of tie and dye colors that quickly caught my eye.

Adhering to fair trade norms, these socks are produced from organic cotton. In truth, even the dye utilized on them is organic and comes from vegetable and fruit extracts. Colors like yellow, pink, green, and so on. is vibrant adequate to spruce up your day.

The lengths of these socks are versatile enough to be worn with both dresses and casual wear. You can just slip then on with sandals or even sneakers. Maggies organics cotton crew is priced affordably, so you can make a contribution to a greener environment, without having burning a hole in your pocket.

Now you can acquire these fair trade organic merchandise on the web, from the comfort of your property too! So go ahead and experiment with green.