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SBC HS430 is a model of open headphones by Philips. The two earpieces are connected to the plug only by thin wires.

User reviewsEdit

Seahen: 2/10Edit

Philips SBC HS430 headphones
User review by Seahen
Advantages Decent sound when brand new.
Disadvantages Poor sound insulation, extremely short life.
(scale 0-10)

Not acceptable

I purchased these headphones at an independent electronics store. At first, they worked fine and sounded great, although people around me complained that they let too much noise escape. (Apparently, they could hear my music almost as clearly as I could.)

After a week or two, even though I had not dropped them or anything, they began to develop static, and eventually cut out altogether on one or both ears if they were held at certain angles. After about a month, the wires snapped off at the point where they join! (I would already have returned them by then, had I not mislaid the receipt.)

Although the headphones had a good sound when new, I am deeply disappointed with their reliability. I have had airline headphones last much longer than these. I would not recommend these headphones to anyone, except possibly for disposable use. Seahen 16:11, 16 August 2006 (UTC)