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This article attempts to describe the most cost effective methods of shipping from different countries. This is mainly useful for international eBay buying. And to verify how much is the seller trying to cheat you on shipping. The following options are listed by country of origin.


For shipping medium-sized items, usually a few hundred grams (but it's really the volume that matters), Global Priority Mail (GPM) Flat-rate Envelopes [1] are the most economical. Items heavier than 1.8 kg (3.97 lbs) require Parcel Post Surface Parcel Post.


For shipping of small items, the most cost effective is Canada Post’s Small Packet class [2]



Economical shipping methods from Italy to the United States include:

  • Second-class mail: [3]
  • First-class mail: [4]


United KingdomEdit

For most items it’s best to use Small Packet:

For example a small packet to Europe, up to 500 g is 3.09 GBP.