Hello every person and thanks for stopping by.

Who am I, I hear you ask? And who cares? Possibly not a lot of men and women to be honest, haha. I'm a blogger, parent, student, and lover of life.

I’m passionate about the issues that interest me. My family members. My local church and community. A retarded hippie at heart, I listen mainly to music produced in the mid sixties to early seventies. CSNY, Grateful Dead, Doobie Brothers, Joni Mitchell, The Band, America, The Who, The Beatles, that sort of thing. I read voraciously and collect books, but only in distinct genres. Detective fiction, as in Nero Wolfe. Caper fiction, as in Donald E Westlake. The Raj and Empire, as in Warren Hastings or Robert Clive. Mathematics as in Hardy or Ramanujan. Management as in Peter Drucker or Max de Pree. Information and Technology as in John Seely Brown. Humour as in Ogden Nash or PG Wodehouse.

I’ve travelled to most locations in Canada between Quebec City, Quebec and Victoria, British Columbia. I’ve also been down to Florida, Pheonix, L.A., Las Vegas, Tijuana and most lately, Singapore and Bangkok Thailand.

I decided to write a blog, which will most likely cover a diverse range of topics. Issues that interest me, my youngsters, and what's happening in life. It is a way of recording thoughts and events and nothing more.