Whether you are taking a family vacation or a business trip, the first thing that you need to take care of is a good travel bag. The right travel bag can serve you for years – never disappointing or letting you down in any trip, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that every single one of your travel stuff is protected and kept in a well-organized manner. Therefore, getting a good quality travel bag is a prudent investment, especially if you have to travel frequently. And this is why you get at Luggage Direct.

A huge selection of various bags at Luggage Direct’s online store makes your choice easy and fun at the same time. It is often quite confusing picking the right bag and the kind of features to consider when picking your travel bag. A wrong choice of travel bag will no doubt lead to frustration, not to mention the waste of money. Thus, here are a few tips that you need to consider when picking your travel bag at Luggage Direct’s online store.


Top of the list, you need to know kind of bag that would suit your travel needs best. Never get lured by the bag’s appearance - your travel bag should be first and foremost about functionality. Thus, essential things to consider when picking your travel bag would be its size, material and durability, handles, lock type, wheels and storage. And these are what you are guaranteed to get from Luggage Direct.

The bag’s material

The material used for making the bag determines its durability, weight, appearance and the overall quality. Ideally, you would opt for a lightweight bag that does not increase the total weight of your luggage. The material should also be dirt resistant and easy to clean. Leather or high quality faux leather would be an excellent choice for any type of traveling bag.

Naturally, you want the content of your bag to be safe while on your trip. Thus, you need to pay close attention to your bag’s lock type. High end locking system is no doubt better than a bag that comes with an ordinary zipper. Consider a travel bag that comes with Key lock or code lock.


Multiple handles for a travel bag is another useful feature. Make sure that the handles are durable enough to withstand the pressure when your bag is at its maximum weight. Convenience of the handles is another crucial aspect to consider. Wheels allow extra mobility and easy traveling; hence, they are a must-have feature for any heavy luggage travel bag .

Finally, the overall appearance of a travel bag does not matter to some travelers, escpecially ladies. Fortunately, Luggage Direct are well aware of this fact and there are plenty of travel bags in there online store that look compact and elegant, while the color and design range is able to suit the most sophisticated tastes.