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Westfair Mall was an enclosed shopping mall in West Bend, Wisconsin. It opened in 1971.

In the late 1970s, the mall's south anchor pad would be taken over by ShopKo, one of the first stores south of the chain's native Fox Valley (Appleton - Green Bay) region.

This store, along with half of the original enclosed mall, would be torn down in the late 1980s for a new southside Pick n' Save supermarket.

Closure and ConversionEdit

With Westfair's small size, outdated decor, and with most tenants shuttering their operations or moving into the newer, brighter Paradise Mall (now called Paradise Pavillion) across the street, the mostly-empty mall would close in 1990. It would sit unoccupied for a few years, before being gutted out and converted into a big-box center in 1992, which is the mall's current format to this day.

A Toy Works would open in half of the former enclosed mall in 1994 and close in early 2005 during a round of nearly 400 other store closures.

The northmost anchor to Westfair Mall started as a Prescott's Supermarket upon the mall's opening in 1971. They would switch franchises over the years, among them SuperValu and Sentry. They opened their first Pick n' Save store on West Bend's north side in a new strip mall in the early 1980s. The success of that store led them to close their small outdated independent operation, only to reopen a year later in what was the former pad for ShopKo, as a second Pick n' Save location.

Since 1994, the mall has been referred to in advertisements and local residents as Westfair Plaza

Former tenantsEdit


  • Prescott's Supermarket (later Westfair SuperValu (late 1970s) then Sentry Foods (1980s) (1971-1986)
  • ShopKo (Late 1970s - 1986)

Interior mall Tenants:

  • Nobil Shoes
  • Jeffery's Dress Shop
  • Little Professor Book Center
  • Brelssler's 23 Flavors/Cookie Cone Cafe
  • Kindy Optical
  • Mr. Greeting Card
  • Julie Ann Fabrics
  • George Webb/BucksKinn
  • Bits 'N Pieces (florist)
  • Rose Marie's (hair salon)
  • Allen Hron (jewelery store)

Current TenantsEdit

  • True Value Hardware (in former Prescott's)
  • Pick n' Save (South) (In former ShopKo / 1/2 of the mall interior)
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